Kandidat til den smukkeste sang nogensinde

Charlie Haden er et af de mennesker, der har betydet mest for mig i mit liv. Jeg blev mindet om hvor meget i dette bevægende podcast udsendt, da han døde i 2014. Han begyndte som countrysanger, men brugte sit voksne liv på at være verdens bedste jazzbassist sammen med bl.a. Ornette Coleman, Hampton Hawes og Keith Jarrett. Til sidst sang han dog en enkelt sang igen. En sang om døden for mange. En sang om livet for Charlie.

Yeah, I said well, you know, and I even called Jean-Philippe Allard, our executive producer, in Paris, and there was a big silence and he said, pardon? I said, I might sing. And another long silence – pardon? Anyway I told Alan, I said, write the arrangement as if someone’s going to sing it, and if I don’t make it, I’ll play it on the bass. So we got into the studio and I just got up to the microphone, and they started to play it and I sang. Shirley Horn came into me and said, you’ve got to put this on the record. And I said, are you really serious? She said, yes. And she said some of those string players out there are in tears. I said, that’s probably because it’s so bad, you know. So I put it on the record and I hope people like it. It’s not doing it as a singer, it’s doing it to tell a story of, you know, where I come from.

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